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Read the following paragraph prior to purchase.  This guide is not a game or instructions for one.

The Professional Pilots A319/320 Systems e-Guide is a complex, technical document designed to enhance and supplement aircraft manuals for the Airbus aircraft for airline pilots who have or are anticipating attending their airlines training for qualification on the A319/320 aircraft.

Airline pilots around the world are familiar with the Impact INK Pilot Resource Store system guides.  Now instead of printed guides, Impact has initiated our new line of e-pub guides for the iPad®. 

All our guides are written by pilots, for pilots and recognized as the best supplemental training aids in the industry.  Now, with the introduction of these e-guides that utilize Apple's® multi-touch technology, this is information on steroids.  

The latest advancements in e-pub formatting, including “multi-touch” technology have been included.  For that reason, availability is exclusively for the iPad on the iBooks Store® from Apple.  Multi-touch allows for a media rich interactive e-book - a must for every serious pilot.


Guide layout follows the normal cockpit setup flow. Easy one-touch navigation to access information. Special Supplement sections unravels the ECAM procedures, protections, flight control laws and aircraft performance. Full set of aircraft system diagrams in full color. Because “LIMITS” are so important, any iteration of the word “limit” (limits, limitation, etc) is colored red to draw your attention.   A red ➤ arrow symbol marks A319 differences.  Gouges are marked with this easy-to-see blue diamond ◆ making them easy to see and remember.  Hi-resolution graphics allow viewing of 23 individual ECAM pages, plus the PFD and ND. Every panel, gauge, indicator and light is viewable in photo-realistic graphics.  Full color, PFD, ND and ECAM screens allow detailed study of every symbol, utilizing the full iPad screen.   Other graphics include cockpit layouts and detailed explanations for every FMA. Graphical explanations provide simplification for the flight control laws on the Airbus aircraft. Oral questions included for each panel are typical of systems oral examinations. These are real questions from real system reviews by real airline standard captains, not just “fluff” filling space.  They are numbered and bolded for quick recognition. Supplemental explanations go beyond the usual “lights ‘n switches” format to offer other perspectives for understanding systems design.  Companion MCDU e-Guide, Prof McDoo, PhD, covering the intricacies of the Airbus MCDU.
With airport approach charts coming to the iPad at many airlines, this e-guide is a must study resource for either initial or return semi-annual check rides.  

Welcome to the "future"!

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